Cynicism, Nihilism, and Tech

2014-09-26 by Kyle Terry

Holy shit, can those two really co-exist? Yep. I've seen it.

For years I've wanted to start a tech community like they had in the good ol' days. You know, just building shit. I've always wanted a place where I can collaborate and share code, learn how to RE, and get shocked a few times by an ad hoc bench power supply.

I feel like I almost have it, but organizing these people is a lot like herding cats through a 20 foot wide door. Everyone pretends to care and then excuses about being busy get played like a broken record.

You see, sometimes politics get involved, which is fine; I like politics, but then people disagree on a level that shouldn't even exist. There should be healthy discussion and debate.

Then people get lazy. "Want to have hacknight Saturday?" 50 hands go up and 3 show up.

I'm trying to build something great. I started infoforcefeed as a place to chat about technology on freenode, but it soon turned into a coding heaven. Different skills started joining the channel and everybody had things to share. The channel is pushing 5 years old, which I never thought would happen.

I want it to continue in that direction, but I have a distaste for the recent spats of "fuck the world"I don't careand overall, general laziness. I'm guilty of it too. Very much so. But at the same time, I feel like I reach out all the time with ideas and want to code something, but I get ignored.

So lets get our shit together, infoforcefeed and start building awesome open source tools that break boundaries. Also, stop smoking so much fucking weed, it's bad for you.

If you're interested in building things, come join us on IRC.